Must See Places of the World

From historic landmarks to off-beaten path discoveries, you would need several lifetimes to see all the magnificent places and natural wonders included in this lavish box set. Here is your passport to the world’s most memorable destinations as captured by Reader’s Digest’s team of the world’s best travel filmmakers. Each adventure-packed program captures the visual magnificence of each destination, explores its history, and shares its stories. Now you are ready for the journeys of a lifetime that you can take anytime!

Disc 1: Must-See Places: Magnificent Planet/Marvels of Mankind – The world’s most seasoned travel editors selected this once-in-a-lifetime itinerary of the world’s most spectacular places. Your awe-inspiring journey includes the Sahara Desert, Victoria Falls, the Grand Canyon, Banff National Park, the Amazon Rainforest, the Pyramids of Giza, the Taj Mahal, and Petra in Jordan.

Disc 2: Must-See Places: Wildlife Treasures – This awe-inspiring program captures the planet’s most wondrous creatures in their natural habitats, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Giant Panda, and the dazzlingly diverse marine creatures that inhabit Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Disc 3: Must-See Places: Journey’s of a Lifetime – This three-part program embarks on the global odyssey of your dreams. Experience the world’s most spectacular places and wondrous sights, each at the ideal time of year. Your itinerary includes Kenya’s wild savannah, the Great Wall of China, the lost city of Petra, the Grand Canyon, Jerusalem on Easter morning, and New England in autumn.

Disc 4: Must-See Places: Australia the Beautiful – Thrill to the rare, remote, and exotic wonders of Australia! From misty forests to canyons that conceal secrets from the age of dinosaurs, this three-part program captures all of Australia’s dazzling wildlife and glorious landscapes few visitors are privileged to see.

Disc 5: Must-See Places: Mysteries of the Ancient World – How were the pyramids constructed? What is the truth behind King Arthur and Camelot? What was the mysterious tribe of 4,000-year-old mummies discovered in the Taklamakan desert? These and other fascinating mysteries are explored in this captivating three-part program that takes a fresh look at some of history’s oldest and most baffling mysteries.

Disc 6: Must-See Places: Scenic Cruises of the World – Set sail on a dream cruise around the world’s most dramatic coastlines to more than twenty countries, islands, and other dramatically varied locations. This three-part series makes unforgettable stops at Nova Scotia, the Mayan ruins of Guatemala, the Panama Canal, Big Sur, and Alaska, and much more.

Note from Carrie: Evolutionary content and references to evolution are included at times. However, the choice was either to forego such a series (and leave students without such photography simply to avoid any evolutionary references) or to utilize the wonderful film footage of places students may never see, while still giving warnings as needed for content. We did look for comparable Christian DVD’s, but there is simply nothing available that similarly covers the range of world geography/history as this particular series.

As I watched the segments in the series, I know I couldn’t help but be in awe of how amazing our Creator is! To me, the videos bring the creativity and power of our God to us in living color! So with this in mind, as well as keeping in the mind the high school age of our target audience, we decided to go ahead and schedule this series in coordination with our study of geography.