The Middle Moffat

Humor / 15 Days

(Not Sold Individually)

Jane thinks “middle” things sound good, like the middle of the night or the Middle Ages, so she asks to be called the middle Moffat-or maybe even the mysterious middle Moffat. Jane’s appealingly tenacious personality emerges as she attempts to read every book in the library, single-handedly win a basketball game the first time she plays, host an organ recital that is ruined by swarming moths, and do everything she can to help Mr. Buckle, the town’s oldest inhabitant, reach his hundredth birthday.

These stories and others reflect the simplicity of life in the 1940s, but readers will relate to problems that are timeless, like wanting to give your mother a store-bought handbag but having to settle for one you’ve made or losing the head to your bear costume minutes before the curtain rises. Jane makes the middle child seem indispensable, not just to her family, but to everyone in town. The charm of these stories lies in their subtle humor and abundance of heart.