Song of the Trumpet

Fantasy / 15 Days

In this much-anticipated sequel to The Shining Sword, the orphan Akara receives a silver trumpet from a friend. Unaccustomed to such kindness at the orphanage, she accepts the gift but wonders why it emits no sound when she blows through it. In spite of its silence, Akara repeatedly reaches for the trumpet when she’s in trouble or in need of comfort. Will it help her escape the orphanage and the Tall Woman? Is this tiny instrument powerful enough to defeat the miller’s desire to make her serve the Dark Power? Can it overcome the spiritual confusion of the Hill Soldiers? Will its silent tones reveal her family’s heritage and, more importantly, lead her to the Truth?

In this fast-paced sequel to The Shining Sword, author Charles G. Coleman reveals the correlation between prayer and successful spiritual warfare. Through their trumpets, the King’s Soldiers offer praise and thanksgiving to their Leader, confess their sins, request healing for their injured comrades, ask for and receive deliverance from their enemies, and obtain spiritual guidance for their daily walk. As the battle for Akara’s soul intensifies, will these prayers personified in the trumpet calls make the difference in her future? Join the memorable characters from The Shining Sword as they march forth from the King’s Castle and enter the Valley with the Song of the Trumpet on their lips!

Note: If your child has not read The Shining Sword (scheduled in the Basic Package: Boy Interest Option of Creation to Christ), you may wish to use that instead. Since both books are the same price and are in the same series, just note the substitution in the comments section of your order.