Iron Scouts of the Confederacy

Historical Fiction / 15 Days

(Not Sold Individually)

Could two orphaned farm boys help change the course of a nation? Ben and Gant Fane never thought so. But these two young men had a choice, either to live on a farm and lead a simple life, or to become “Iron Scouts” of the Confederate Army. When an unexpected visitor drops in, Gant and his younger brother, Ben, decide to join the army. Or, at least in Ben’s case, try.

Even though he is 14, he is so short almost everybody believes he’s only 10! Finally, he is accepted as an Iron Scout. This stirring novel tells of two teen-age brothers who fought, not for slavery, but for their home, the South. While Ben uses his skill as a tree climber to spot approaching Yankee soldiers, Gant fights alongside grown men in the War Between the States. But the boys soon learn that war is not all fun and games. In fact it may cost them their lives.