Tales from Dust River Gulch

Humor / 6 Days

(Not Sold Individually)

Now Dust River Gulch always has been a dandy place to live, fer law-abidin’ folks, that is. An’ there ain’t no sheriff west of the Mississippi with a better pedigree than the Gulch’s own J.D. Saddlesoap. He’s a fine-looking mustang, an’ his heart’s tender as a bare foot in a cactus patch. But he don’t tolerate no trouble in town.

This collection of tales has 6 humorous stories…

  • Showdown: Sheriff J.D. Saddlesoap faces the notorious outlaw Gruffle O’Buffalo, in a rodeo contest like you’ve never seen before.
  • Billy the Kid: The sheriff faces a troublesome mountain goat as crime rises to new heights in Dust River Gulch.
  • Gold in that Thar Soup: Bo the lizard finds gold in an unusual place. His troubles begin when he tries to keep it a secret.
  • Doc Hardly: A friendly visitor to Dust River Gulch is doing everything he can to help the town get a good night’s sleep.
  • Hare-Raisin’Horseshoes: Sheriff J.D. Saddlesoap loses his shoes and nearly loses his reputation at the same time when a farmer with a chip on his shoulder accuses him of vandalism.
  • End of the Rodeo: Gruffle O’Buffalo and his gang return to Dust River Gulch to finish off their rodeo contest and to settle a score with the Sheriff.