Book Projects to Send Home: Grade 2

This item is reproducible for home or single classroom use.

This book provides creative projects for the “wrap up” activity that is scheduled at the end of each genre in Drawn into the Heart of Reading. It is not required as there are two other options that are written directly in the teacher’s guide. You will enjoy this option if your child likes to create things like puppets, dioramas, etc.

Book Projects to Send Home: Grade 2 is typically used with Level 2/3 of Drawn into the Heart of Reading.

Projects at this level include:

  • Character Tube Puppet
  • Cylinder Sequence Lit Kit
  • Detailed Diorama
  • Face-to-Face Character Mask
  • Main Character Mobile
  • Nature’s Wonder Accordion Book
  • Patchwork of Facts
  • Poetry Pal Puzzle
  • Stuffed Animal Research
  • Adventure Thank-You Note