Evolution: The Grand Experiment – Student Book

“If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.” -Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

“Darwin’s book on evolution admitted that ‘intermediate links’ were ‘perhaps the most obvious and serious objection to the theory’ of evolution. He recognized that the fossils collected by scientists prior to 1859 did not correspond with his theory of evolution, but he predicted that his theory would be confirmed as more and more fossils were found. One hundred and fifty years later, Evolution: The Grand Experiment critically examines the viability of Darwin’s theory”- [p. 4] of the text.

Pointing out the numerous mistakes that have been made in the 150 years since Darwin’s Origin of Species was published, Werner examines the still-missing links in the fossil record. Chapters cover spontaneous generation, acquired characteristics, natural selections and chance mutations, the fossil record, and the formation of proteins and amino acids.

Evolution: The Grand Experiment takes the unusual step of bringing together scientists on both sides of this cultural divide to present their findings. The reader is allowed to make up his or her mind as to which view is supported by the evidence. Intended for a general audience, the book is comprehensive, easy to read, and the conclusions are startling. Bright, bold photographs; short, clear paragraphs; and easy-to-understand chapters fill this glossy, colorful text. It is a book that will challenge your views and demand a verdict!

Note: This book is not consumable. For Evolution: The Grand Experiment, it is the Teacher’s Manual that is consumable.