Exploring the World of Chemistry: From Ancient Metals to High-Speed Computers

Chemistry is an amazing branch of science that affects us every day, yet few people realize it, or even give it much thought. Without chemistry, there would be nothing made of plastic, there would be no rubber tires, no tin cans, no televisions, no microwave ovens, or something as simple as wax paper.

This book presents an exciting and intriguing tour through the realm of chemistry as each chapter unfolds with facts and stories about the discoveries and discoverers. With a flair for telling biographical sketches of famous scientists, Tiner also provides students with a solid foundation for understanding the crucial purposes of chemistry.

This engaging history of chemistry covers some of the most important discoveries, from hydrogen to metal alloys, from electricity to snowflakes. Chapters focus on some of the most famous scientists who discovered these principles. Photos and interesting sidebars provide additional information.