Write With the Best: Modeling Writing After Great Works of World Literature – Vol. 2

Good writers are made by reading good writing. This curriculum features excerpts from works of great literature, as students practice actual skills rather than abstract rules of writing. Grammar is focused upon within the context of writing as students follow in the footsteps of literary giants. This is part of a two-book series (Volume 1 was used in Creation to Christ).

Creative activities break the writing into manageable chunks and help students identify what makes a literary work “great”. Students are encouraged to make writing more vivid and ultimately produce writing that models the genre of the literary passage. Guidelines for evaluating and grading writing, suggestions for adapting the curriculum for different learning styles, and student proofreading and writing guides are also valuable parts of the program.

Each daily lesson takes only 20-30 minutes, is addressed to the student, and includes step-by-step guidance. The program includes all needed excerpts from the literature that it models so that teachers are not required to purchase additional material.

This curriculum is a genuine, incremental (step-by-step) program which requires minimal teacher involvement towards the goal of mastery of higher-level forms of writing. Missions to Modern Marvels schedules lessons from this guide twice weekly. For grades 6 -12 (but best suited for grades 7 on up in our opinion).

Topics covered include:

  • Taking Notes
  • Writing Outlines
  • Writing Summaries
  • Persuasive Essays
  • Expository Essays
  • Literary Critiques
  • Book Reviews
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Speeches


Note: We omit units 1 and 2 (free verse poetry and business letter) due to these topics being well-covered in Rod and Staff English. We also omit unit 8 (dramatic monologue) to keep the area of writing in balance, as a full level of Rod and Staff English is scheduled too, which also includes instruction in writing.

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