Hymns for a Kid’s Heart: Vol II

This book and CD set has everything your students need, to learn twelve of the greatest hymns ever composed. The words of these hymns reveal the depth of God’s character, provide hope in the dark times, and give us reasons to celebrate. And because these hymns are an introduction to the God who loves us and provides for each day’s needs, these words will remain in our hearts forever.

This method of hymn-singing fits very well with Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of hymn study. Students are scheduled to use the book and CD set as part of their daily quiet time. This beautiful, full-color hardback edition with accompanying music CD is published by Heart of Dakota.

Students will…

  • Be inspired by the true stories of the hymn-writers.
  • Connect with tenderly written devotionals.
  • Learn to sing twelve classic Christian hymns along with provided sheet music.
  • Understand more about God’s character and grace.
  • Meditate upon a Bible verse with each hymn.
  • Learn to pray along with their singing.


Note: This set includes a professional, fully orchestrated CD with beautiful children’s voices singing along with Joni and Bobbie.

Included Hymns:

  1. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
  2. Fairest Lord Jesus
  3. To God Be the Glory
  4. Trust and Obey
  5. Wonderful Words of Life
  6. Onward, Christian Soldiers
  7. When We All Get to Heaven (full song)
  8. We’re Marching to Zion
  9. Like a River Glorious
  10. God of Our Fathers
  11. Come, Ye Thankful People, Come
  12. My Country, ‘Tis of Thee