Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?

This clear book about economic principles is written in a narrative style as a series of letters from “Uncle Eric”. Historic events like the stock market crash in the United States will have you counting your pennies as you learn about recession, inflation, the demand for money, government spending, investment cycles, velocity, and more!

Recommended by the late William Simon, former U.S. Treasury Secretary, this is an essential book for every student, businessperson and investor. This book is scheduled for the student to read independently. An economic principle learned from the reading is recorded in the Student Notebook each week.

Table of Contents:

  1. Money: Coins and Paper
  2. Tanstaafl, The Romans, and Us
  3. Inflation
  4. Dollars, Money, and Legal Tender
  5. Revolutions, Elections, and Printing Presses
    Big Mac Index
  6. Wages, Prices, Spirals, and Controls
  7. Wallpaper, Wheelbarrows, and Recessions
    Boom and Bust Cycle Since the Civil War
  8. Fast Money
    History Repeats
  9. Getting Rich Quick
  10. The Boom and Bust Cycle
  11. How Much is a Trillion?
    The Roaring 90’s
    Federal Debt Chart
  12. What’s So Bad About the Federal Debt?
    An Interesting Exercise
    One Reason Governments Spend So Much
  13. Summary What Happened in 2008?
    The Unknown Shakeout
  14. Where Do We Go From Here?
  15. Natural Law and Economic Prosperity
    Nations and Legal Systems



  • Excerpt from The Long Winter
  • Sutter’s Fort Trade Store Sign
  • Comparison of Law Chart
  • Distilled Wisdom
  • The Truth About Inflation
  • The Oil Myth
  • Measures of Money Supply
  • Supply of Dollars Chart
  • Real Wages
  • Real Wages Chart
  • How to Invest in Gold and Silver
  • Resources
  • Movies and Documentaries
  • Internet Addresses
  • Financial Newsletters
  • Bibliography and Recommended Reading
  • Glossary