Hero Tales Vol II: A Family Treasure of True Stories from the Lives of Christian Heroes

This volume contains true, character-building stories about Christian heroes. Written to introduce students to models of Christian virtue, each tale will inspire and encourage them to be heroes for Christ.

Each chapter includes a highlighted character trait, appropriate Scripture, the story, and several follow-up questions about the tale. While the Hero Tales volumes are written in a larger font and give the appearance of being appropriate for a young audience, we find that the stories in Volumes II and III are often filled with persecution and difficult issues that are much better suited for an older, more mature audience. The tales are often inspiring in spite of hardships suffered and are faith building.

When interwoven within the chronology of the thread of history in Missions to Modern Marvels, these tales will provide students with true heroes as seen in God’s eyes. We will use many of the stories, but not all, of both volumes of Hero Tales II and III (with the exception of some stories from time periods that we have already covered in previous guides).

Hero Tales Vol. II and Vol. III are being specially reprinted for Heart of Dakota with permission from the authors. These volumes are too good to be missed and are great for rereading, time and time again. Plus, any unused stories will fit well in the Biography genre of Drawn into the Heart of Reading, so none will be wasted.

Here is a list of the heroes that the students will be reading about in Vol. II: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jim Elliot, Festo Kivengere, Eric Liddell, Watchman Nee, John Perkins, Amanda Smith, Corrie Ten Boom, and Cameron Townsend.

For each person within the volume, an introduction and 3 stories are typically included. All are narrative and unforgettable! It is our prayer and hope that these stories will challenge your students to live out their Christian faith in their everyday lives beginning right where they are planted.

Note: This book is scheduled for the student to read independently.

You can view the Table of Contents here.