All American History: Uniting America’s Story, Piece by Piece

All American History Volume II is written in a comfortable, factual style that is designed to be engaging. Containing hundreds of pictures and dozens of maps, this book of American history helps students travel back in time to experience America’s past. This volume coordinates well with the world history focus of Story of the World Vol. 4 and is further enhanced by the use of Hero Tales II and IIIRescue and Redeem, and Great Events in American History.

All American History examines important events from the Civil War to 2001 including the atmosphere in which the events occurred and their impact on the future of America. Learn about the latter half of American history with units on Reconstruction, the Gilded Age, World War I & II, The Great Depression, The Cold War and more! Looking at the past through a distinctly Christian lens, All American History brings America’s story to life for students in grades 7-12.

Note: Missions to Modern Marvels omits the first 10 lessons and begins using this volume at Lesson 11. This book is scheduled for the student to read independently.

You can look inside the first 14 pages of the book here.