Rescue and Redeem: Chronicles of the Modern Church

As the modern world exploded with rapid changes- in transportation, in communication, in manufacturing- people around the globe faced overwhelming new challenges. As Christians arrived for the first time in other countries, they realized that being a Christian was about living out the gospel in every culture. And they realized that great injustice was everywhere! So they met the challenges of modern life with new ways of communicating Christ’s ancient gospel.

Men like Hudson Taylor and women like Pandita Ramabai set out to rescue God’s global people and redeem them to new life in Christ. Read the stories of the Japanese samurai who traded his sword for a Bible and the Hawaiian princess whose faith strengthened her to defend her nation. Discover the German and Ugandan pastors who stood up to murderous dictators. Get to know the teacher in India who rescued child widows and the writer in Britain who created a world in a wardrobe. Stories about Dwight Moody, John Ross, Samuel Moffett, Princess Ka’iulani, Marianna Slocum, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, C.S. Lewis, and Janani Luwum are also included.

Extra features look at the modern church, missions in a modern world, living the “golden rule”, big moments in modern Christianity, and other modern Christians. This book is scheduled for the student to read independently.