Drawn into the Heart of Reading: Teacher’s Guide

(Not Sold Individually)

Get ready to put the “heart” back into reading with Drawn Into the Heart of Reading! This flexible reading program will help your children become (or remain) passionate about books, while still teaching necessary reading skills. Based on clear instructions and engaging activities, this innovative program will work with any literature.

The Teacher’s Guide shows you the plan for every day of reading and specifies whether the lesson is teacher directed or independent. Each day of plans is divided into three levels of instruction: Level 2/3, Level 4/5, and Level 6/7/8. Each level has its own corresponding Student Book.

Drawn into the Heart of Reading can easily be used with one student or with multiple ages at the same time. Clear multi-level instructions are combined in one teacher’s guide featuring balanced plans organized around 9 different genres of literature.

Genre kick-offs, prereading activities, story element lessons, Godly character trait lessons, vocabulary activities, discussion questions, and creative projects all work together to fashion an exciting, thorough approach to reading.

You can view the Drawn into the Heart of Reading daily format here.

In the “genre kickoff” part of the program, your child will be introduced to each new genre in a fun and entertaining way.  In the “story element” part of the program, students are taught to identify and analyze a different story element for each genre. As students discuss what they are reading and share connections they’ve made, their comprehension and understanding improves as well.

In the “Godly character traits” part of the program, your children will learn important character traits with each genre. Using biblical characters as examples, children are taught to weigh the actions and attitudes of book characters and themselves in light of the Bible.

The “creative projects” part of the program will have your child ending each genre unit study with one of three project options. These options ensure your child can find a project to get excited about!

You can view the guide introduction (including a list of genres, story elements, and character traits) here.

You can view the first week of plans here.