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Adding the Integrated Physics & Chemistry course to the Economy Package adds 1 full credit of science to your program. This set is required unless you have your own science. Students earn science credit using Integrated Physics & Chemistry written by gifted author John Hudson Tiner. Narrative readings are combined with 35 memorable experiments from the MicroPhySci Kit to give students an interesting demonstration of each scientific principle in action.

Either purchase the Integrated Physics & Chemistry course by itself, or select the Science Package (which also includes the lab kit and manual). If you would like to see individual items, select “View Details”.

Option 1

Integrated Physics and Chemistry Course

This set include 12 text chapters, 12 activity books, an answer key, and a Teacher Resource Kit (on CD).

Option 2

Science Package with Lab

This package contains everything in the Integrated Physics and Chemistry course, with the addition of a hands-on lab kit and manual.

Covered Subjects

The yellow highlighting in the diagram below shows which box of the World Geography daily plans you can complete using the Science Package. If you choose to use Integrated Physics & Chemistry without lab, you will skip the lab days.