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For math, customize with one of the recommended math options for Algebra I below, or use your own math curriculum to add one-full math credit to your program. Recommended options include a choice of either No-Nonsense Algebra, Foerster’s Algebra I, or VideoText Algebra. These 3 options offer three different paths to Algebra l coverage.

No-Nonsense Algebra works well for students who have struggled with math in the past and who are likely to find Algebra I a challenge.

Foerster’s Algebra I is a good choice for those who desire a textbook approach to Algebra and who benefit from clear, systematic examples and line-by-line problem-solving instruction. For Foerster’s Algebra I, the package includes both the Foerster’s Algebra I text and the Math Without Borders download. This package provides video instruction for the text, assigned problems for each day of work, and fully worked video solutions for assigned problems.

VideoText Algebra (purchase at works well for those who desire a strong, video-based Algebra program. It integrates coverage of Algebra I and II across 6 modules.

Option 1

No-Nonsense Algebra

Option 2

Foerster’s Algebra I Text/Math Without Borders Download Package

Covered Subjects

The yellow highlighting in the diagram below shows which box of the World Geography daily plans contains math. Math programs each provide their own schedule, and the World Geography guide includes suggestions for pacing each program.