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U.S. History II – Science

U.S. History II


Adding the Science Package to the Economy Package adds one full credit of science to your program. The focus of this year of science is a ½ credit of Astronomy and ½ credit of Geology/Paleontology.

In U.S. History II, students earn science credit with our fascinating Astronomy, Geology & Paleontology science course. Presented in a Christian way, ten intriguing resources – including visually stunning DVDs, unique yet easily doable labs, and narrative readings of groundbreaking books – work together to offer a fresh alternative to other available science courses.

There are 2 options for this package, both listed below. You should choose one to add to cart. If you would like to see individual items, select “View Details”.

Option 1

Science Package with Lab

This version of the package includes the lab kit specially designed for Heart of Dakota.

Option 2

Science Package without Lab

This version of the package does not include the lab kit.

Covered Subjects

The yellow highlighting in the diagram below shows which box of the U.S. History II daily plans you can complete using the Science Package. If you choose not to use the lab kit, you will skip the lab days.