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U.S. History I – Spanish

U.S. History I


In U.S. History I, students will continue to learn the Spanish language using the last half of the Spanish Homeschool Curriculum Kit, which they began in World History. Students who used the World History guide already own this kit and do not need to purchase it.

Since this Spanish program moves quickly and is quite vocabulary and grammar intensive, it is best if students have completed a typical Spanish I course prior to beginning this program. This course builds skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening to the Spanish language. Adding the Spanish Homeschool Curriculum Kit to the Economy Package adds 1⁄2 credit of Spanish II to your student’s program.

Note: Students who desire to study a different foreign language may substitute a different language course in place of this option to fulfill the foreign language requirement.

Spanish Homeschool Curriculum Kit

Covered Subjects

The yellow highlighting in the diagram below shows which box of the U.S. History I daily plans you can complete using the last half of the Spanish Homeschool Curriculum Kit.