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U.S. History I – Science

U.S. History I


Adding the Science Package to the Economy Package adds 1 full credit of science (with lab) to your program. Students earn science credit though Discovering Design with Chemistry, a college prep, high school chemistry course written from a Christian perspective by Dr. Jay Wile. This high school chemistry course is designed for students who have completed Algebra I.

This package is required unless you have your own science. If you would like to purchase individual items, select “View Details”.

Note: We also provide an optional audio of the Chemistry textbook, which you can add below if desired.

Science Package

This package includes a textbook, answer key/test booklet, and Chemistry Lab Kit.

Discovering Design with Chemistry Audio Book

This optional audio book (stored on a USB flash drive) can be added to the Science Package, if desired.

Covered Subjects

The yellow highlighting in the diagram below shows which box of the U.S. History I daily plans you can complete using the Science Package.