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Revival to Revolution – Science

Revival to Revolution


Revival to Revolution utilizes Exploration Education’s creative science kits to give kids a hands-on introduction to the principles of physical science. A choice of either the Standard Physical Science Kit (for ages 11-13) or the Advanced Physical Science Kit (for grades 8 on up) is provided. Revival to Revolution also provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet some of history’s most innovative minds in this year’s inventor study.

There are 2 options for the Science Package, both listed below. You should choose one to add to cart. Both options include the six-book inventor study. If you would like to see individual items, select “View Details”.

Note: If you have students in both age ranges, choose the option with the Advanced Kit and add a Standard Logbook for each younger student. In this way, both age ranges can use the program together.

Option 1

Science Package with Standard Kit

This package includes a Standard Kit with a Standard Logbook.

Option 2

Science Package with Advanced Kit

This package includes an Advanced Kit with an Advanced Logbook.

Add-on 1

Exploration Education Standard Logbook

Add an extra Standard Logbook for each additional student aged 11-13.

Add-on 2

Exploration Education Advanced Logbook

Add an extra Advanced Logbook for each additional student in 8th grade on up.

Covered Subjects

The yellow highlighting in the diagram below shows which boxes of the Revival to Revolution daily plans you can complete using the Science Package.