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Missions to Modern Marvels – Read-Alouds

Missions to Modern Marvels


With the compelling read-alouds in the Basic Package, you can enjoy reading living books linked with your history study. These books provide the historical backdrop for each time period in Missions to Modern Marvels, along with a “you-are-there” perspective. 7th-8th grade students may read the books in the Basic Package independently if desired.

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Note: One item included in the Basic Package – Candy Bomber – is also included in the Drawn into the Heart of Reading Level 7/8 Boy Pack. If you already own this item, select “View Details” to learn about our substitution policy.

Basic Package

Covered Subjects

The yellow highlighting in the diagram below shows which box of the Missions to Modern Marvels daily plans you can complete using the Basic Package.