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Little Hands to Heaven – Bible Choice

Little Hands to Heaven

Bible Choice

Little Hands to Heaven uses a variety of daily Bible activities to teach needed skills such as number and color recognition, counting, cutting, gluing, coloring, listening skills, directional words, dramatization, and life application. Each unit has a theme centered around Bible characters, and the daily activities are linked to the Bible stories.

See God’s plan for mankind through the beautifully-illustrated Bible stories in either A Child’s First Bible (for ages 2-3) or The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes (for ages 3-5). Each Bible contains over 125 beloved stories from Scripture followed by simple questions to answer, so you can highlight Biblical truths and train your child to listen to God’s Word.  Simply choose one of the suggested Bibles to match the plans, or use your own!

Option 1

A Child’s First Bible

Option 2

The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes

Covered Subjects

Each day of Little Hands to Heaven is organized on a single page, with each subject contained in its own box. Boxes can be done in any order, and subjects are seamlessly rotated to cover everything you need.  Once you complete each box on the page, you are done!

The yellow highlighting in the diagram below shows which box of the daily plans schedules A Child’s First Bible or The New Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes.