Science Package

Adding this package to your Economy Package adds one full credit of science [with lab] to your program. The focus of this year of science is Biology. This package is required unless you have your own science. The Science Package includes 12 chapters of text [PACEs], with included activities, printed answer keys, and free online Labs (including performances of all labs). The free online labs can be found at

Note: The labs can simply be watched as a part of the coursework; however, if you desire your student to work along with some of the labs you can choose to have your student do that using the “Apologia Biology Dissection Kit” from If you desire your student to gain physical experience with a microscope, you could consider adding either the “Apologia Biology Microscope Kit” or the “Microscope Starter Kit” from

Included Items

Biology PACEs: 4th Edition (12 texts with included activity books)


Biology PACE Answer Keys



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