Literature and Composition Package without Audios



In the World History guide, the daily literature portion uses a timeless set of full-length novels/plays with our Charlotte Mason inspired literature plans. Our fresh approach to high school literature will have you fondly reminiscing about the books in World History for years to come!

Classic novel introductions, annotations, narrations, Common Place Book entries, journal reflections with literary devices, Biblical worldview questions, plot diagrams, and thought-provoking discussion topics all provide higher level assessments without taking away the joy of reading.

The composition portion uses Essentials in Writing: Grade 11 twice weekly. The grammar portion uses the last half of Building Securely: English 7 twice weekly (alternating with composition). Together these resources add one full English credit to your student’s program.

This package provides the literature resources for World History, and includes Essentials in Writing: Grade 11 as its composition resource. However, this package does not include the grammar resources for World History, or the audios for “Ben Hur” and “Les Miserables”.

Included Items

Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ


No Fear Shakespeare: Julius Caesar


Julius Caesar: The Arkangel Shakespeare


Pearl Maiden


The Story of King Arthur and His Knights


A Man for All Seasons


The Scarlet Pimpernel


The Count of Monte Cristo


Les Miserables


Animal Farm


The Celestial Railroad


Essentials in Writing: Grade 11 (DVD & Pre-printed SB)



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