Level 5/6 Boy Pack



The Level 5/6 Boy Pack includes titles from all nine literary genres that fit seamlessly into the Drawn into the Heart of Reading plans. With our carefully chosen classics, you’ll receive time-tested gems that will leave your child smiling!

The reading levels of the books in this package range from 5.1 – 6.9, with the numbers standing for grade and month. For example, 5.1 stands for fifth grade, first month. This book set was created to save you time and help you find quality books at the right reading level!

Included Items

The Little Duke

Biography / 15 Days


Cabin on Trouble Creek

Adventure / 15 Days


Iron Scouts of the Confederacy

Historical Fiction / 15 Days


Song of the Trumpet

Fantasy / 15 Days


The Invisible Friend

Mystery / 15 Days


Sir Malcom and the Missing Prince

Folk Tale / 15 Days


Riders of the Pony Express

Nonfiction / 15 Days


The Story of Dr. Dolittle

Humor / 5 Days


Paddington at Large

Humor / 10 Days


Black Gold

Realistic Fiction / 15 Days


For each book, we have listed the genre and suggested number of reading days. There are always 15 days of reading in each genre.


Already own some of these titles? You can still get package savings by making substitutions! You may make a “one for one” substitution with any book that we offer of equal or lesser value to the book(s) you already own, and still receive the package discount. In this package, you can make up to 2 substitutions.

Here is how: Simply add the package that contains the book(s) you already own to your shopping cart, then enter the title you wish to substitute in the “Order Notes” box at checkout. It’s that easy!