Literature and Composition Girl Package



U.S. History I uses a compelling combination of full-length novels/plays to earn credit in American Literature.  Short stories are alternated with longer works of literature, paired with vocabulary work and guided questioning. Our innovative approach to literature alternates targeted assignments with Charlotte Mason follow-ups to create a diverse and fascinating year of study!

The composition portion uses In Their Sandals twice weekly. The grammar portion uses the first half of Preparing for Usefulness: English 8 twice weekly (alternating with composition). Together these resources add one full English credit to your student’s program.

This package provides the literature resources for U.S. History I, and includes In Their Sandals as its composition resource. However, this package does not include the grammar resources for U.S. History I. This package differs from the boy version by including Christy and A Girl of the Limberlost for girls.

Included Items

The Robe


The Prince and the Pauper


The Scarlet Letter


Christian Guides to the Classics: The Scarlet Letter


The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin: (excerpts)


Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God


Rip Van Winkle


The Man Without a Country


My Bondage and My Freedom: (excerpts – Frederick Douglass)


Up from Slavery




The Purloined Letter


A Girl of the Limberlost


The Virginian


The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky


The Ransom of Red Chief


The Miracle Worker


The One-Million-Pound Bank-Note


The Gift of the Magi & Mammon and the Archer


The Lilies of the Field


Bartleby the Scrivener


In Their Sandals



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