Economy Package without President Study



The Economy Package includes the Missions to Modern Marvels guide and needed resources to form the core of your curriculum.  These resources help your student study modern American history, map the changing world, glean economic principles, draw from nature, sing sacred hymns, and study Romans, Galatians, and James. With a unique blend of living books, engaging activities, and a biblical perspective, Missions to Modern Marvels helps students experience history in a whole new way.

This version of the Economy Package does not include resources for the optional President study.

Included Items

Missions to Modern Marvels: Teacher’s Guide


Rescue and Redeem: Chronicles of the Modern Church


The Story of the World: Vol IV – The Modern Age


All American History: Uniting America’s Story, Piece by Piece


Hero Tales Vol II: A Family Treasure of True Stories from the Lives of Christian Heroes


Hero Tales Vol III: A Family Treasure of True Stories from the Lives of Christian Heroes


Great Events in American History


Missions to Modern Marvels Student Notebook Pages


Book of Great American Speeches for Young People


Draw and Write Through History: Invention, Exploration, and War – The 20th Century


Map Trek CD for Missions to Modern Marvels


Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?


Common Sense Business for Kids


Explorer’s Bible Study Quest: Faith at Work – Romans, Galatians, and James


Explorer’s Bible Study Quest: Faith at Work – Answer Key


Hymns for a Kid’s Heart: Vol II


Who Am I? And What am I Doing Here?


Nature Drawing & Journaling



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