Complete English Girl Package



High school credit in English is earned through a combination of literature, composition, and grammar.

In Fundamentals of Literature, students will become familiar with the foundational literary elements of conflict, character, theme, point of view, structure, and tone – as well as pondering eye-opening questions on Biblical analysis. The literature portion of World Geography also adds a Charlotte Mason flavor with a wide scale of engaging literature to read, narrate, and discuss! The composition portion uses Essentials in Writing: Grade 10, and the grammar portion uses the first half of Building Securely: English 7. Together these resources add 1 full English credit to your student’s program.

This package provides the literature and grammar resources for World Geography, and includes Essentials in Writing: Grade 10 as its composition resource. For literature, this package includes the Girl Set of full-length novels and plays.

Included Items

BJU Fundamentals of Literature: Student Text


BJU Fundamentals of Literature: Teacher’s Edition


A Lantern in Her Hand




Anne of Avonlea


The Importance of Being Earnest


Little Women


Essentials in Writing: Grade 10 (DVD & Pre-Printed SB)


Building Securely: English 7 Pupil Text


Building Securely: English 7 Teacher’s Manual



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