Hearts for Him Through High School

For the High School Years

Let our award-winning “Hearts for Him Through High School” series take you through your teen’s high school years. Each year-long guide in the series uses an inspirational blend of living books, activities, and Biblical study to teach subjects from a Christian worldview. The high school guides include daily plans written to the student, grading requirements for each subject, and course descriptions for all credits. With our complete curriculum packages in hand, you’ll have all the books and materials you need to earn required credits and prepare your student for college and beyond!

Already know which guide you need?

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In this video, Carrie gives a brief overview of the “Hearts for Him Through High School” series along with helpful tips for placement and guide selection. After watching this video, you’ll have all the tools you need to discover which program fits your family best.


The “Hearts for Him Through High School” series is a biblically strong, educationally rich program designed to help your child grow both spiritually and academically. With all needed credits integrated into the plans, you’ll find that schooling has never been easier! Each guide in our series is…


Our “Hearts for Him Through High School” series specializes in being complete, balanced, Christ-centered, and literature-based. Each guide in the series is filled with an appealing mix of written, oral, hands-on, and academic activities. With Charlotte Mason style living books, in-depth and thought-provoking responses to readings, and all subjects and learning styles represented, your students will be well-equipped to enter a new, important stage of learning!


Our “Hearts for Him Through High School” series seeks to keep God’s Word at the heart of everything your students are learning. Each guide uses Scripture as the lens through which to view the world, encouraging students to develop a consistent biblical worldview. Key books and materials are included in each guide to help your teens grow spiritually, apply God’s Word, live out what the Bible says, and ultimately stand firm in their faith. What could be more valuable?


Each guide in our “Hearts for Him Through High School” series is filled with meaningful activities, experiments, projects, mapping lessons, discussions, narrations, notebook entries, and more. These varied responses teach needed subjects in an engaging manner, enabling students to “learn by doing.” Each activity is planned to be time-conscious, educational, doable, and interesting. Your teens can look forward to enjoying their days with our “Hearts for Him Through High School” series!


Each “Hearts for Him Through High School” guide can be used with multiple ages. Subjects are arranged so they can be done in any order, and choices for math and several dictation levels are included. A separate “Living Library” set of books is provided to allow you to customize the amount of reading to suit your child. Curriculum packages are designed so you can choose which credits to include in your student’s course of study. With such flexibility, it is no wonder parents love our high school guides!

Easy to Use

Open-and-go daily plans are conveniently divided into a box format that is easy to use. Boxes in the plans are coded to show the expected level of independence for each subject. At the high school level, each guide is written mainly to the student, saving you time so you can facilitate your student’s learning. Helpful key ideas, questions, and directions within the plans keep you involved in your child’s education. This design builds a confident, independent learner who can learn for a lifetime!

Have a Look Inside

With convenient, open-and-go plans, you can see at-a-glance all subject areas to be completed each day. You’ll enjoy the unit study feel of the “Learning Through History” part of the plans and appreciate the flexible choices of the “Learning the Basics” part of the plans. Take a look inside World History, one of our guides in the “Hearts for Him Through High School” series. We think you’ll like what you see!


Placement is key in Heart of Dakota. To help you decide where your kids fit best, check out our placement charts below. In just a short time, you’ll have a great idea of which guide(s) will suit your homeschooling family. If you would like customized help, simply give us a call at (605)428-4068. We’re always happy to assist!

Program Selection Chart

Begin with our “Program Selection Chart.” As you can see by the chart below, based on your child’s age he/she may fit in several different guides. For example, a 16 year old might fit in Missions to Modern Marvels or World Geography in the extension age range; or World HistoryU.S. History I, or U.S. History II in the target age range. Once you see the group of guides where your child could place, you can move on to our “Program Placement Chart” to fine-tune your placement.

NOTE: If you have more than one child, think about whether you would like to combine any of your children or keep them separate.

Program Placement Chart

The “Program Placement Chart” below is designed to help you narrow down which guide will best suit your child. This chart has been divided into two parts. To begin, simply view “Part 1” and then follow the instructions provided on the chart. After completing “Part 1,” if you are still unsure which of our guides will fit your child best, move on to “Part 2” to help you decide. The charts below are only for our first two high school level guides: World Geography and World History. If your child is a junior or senior in high school and can do the skills listed in the charts below, he/she is ready for our U.S. History I or U.S. History II guides.

NOTE: The charts are provided in a printable format for your convenience. If you have more than one child, a good strategy is to use a different color marker for each child as you complete the charts.

Scope and Sequence Chart

Finally, have a look at the “Scope and Sequence” chart to get an idea of which high school credits your child will earn in each guide in this series. Each guide includes everything you need to earn all required credits for a full year of high school study. With Heart of Dakota, you can rest easy knowing that your child will be well-prepared for college and beyond!

Not Sure if Your Child Fits in This Series?

Our “Guide Placement” page can help! It provides a bird’s eye view of our entire lineup – all in one place! As you refer to the charts for each series, you’ll be sure to find the right guide for your child.

Visit our “Guide Placement” page to see placement for all levels!


Once you have narrowed down which guide(s) in our “Hearts for Him Through High School” series might best suit your family, select a guide below to learn more about it. Each guide is used for one year of study. We’re excited for you to see what we have to offer!

World Geography

Ages 13-15 extending
to grades 10-12

World History

Ages 14-16 extending
to grades 11-12

U.S. History I

Ages 15-17 extending
to grade 12

History II


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too Difficult?

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World Geography

Ages 13-15 extending to grades 10-12

World History

Ages 14-16 extending to grades 11-12

U.S. History I

Ages 15-17 extending to grade 12

U.S. History II


Is the Series too Difficult?

See our "Hearts for Him Through Time" series!

Do You Have a Younger Child?

See our "Little Hearts" series!