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U.S. History I

Through 35 exciting weeks of U.S. History I, students will examine the early history of the United States, study its system of government, grow in faith while studying God’s Word, and recognize Jesus as the hope of nations! This guide is ideally targeted for students in grade 11, but students in grade 12 may use it by adjusting the 3R’s and science as needed.

The U.S. History I guide provides plans for a full year of high school study, allowing your student to earn 6 ½ total credits. Units include plans for four days a week, taking 6 ½ hours a day for students to complete all subjects.

Follow the steps below to build your student’s curriculum. Begin with Step 1 to get your Economy Package, which includes core credits and the Teacher’s Guide for all subjects. Then, follow the 10 numbered steps to add credits to complete your curriculum!

Note: If you are just looking for consumables, you can jump to Step 10.

History (1 credit), Bible (1 credit)

(½ credit)

(½ credit)

Literature, Composition, Grammar (1 credit total)

Chemistry (1 credit)

(1 credit)