Going to school after using HOD

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Going to school after using HOD

Post by DeannaF » Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:41 pm

Homeschooling is a topic that has interested me for many years. I have a teaching degree in Elementary Education, and although the idea of homeschooling (especially into the Middle and High school years) is somewhat daunting to me, I feel strongly that God has called me to homeschool and that our family should continue homeschooling as long as God provides for it.

When DH and I first began discussing homeschooling (before we even had any children :wink: ), he was very hesitant about it. The few people he's known who have been home schooled have had somewhat negative results, and he hasn't had the opportunity to see positive homeschooling results up close, so his view of homeschooling was a bit slanted. We've continued discussing it off and on for a long time, and, after hearing more about homeschooling from me, he is much more open to the idea than he was at first.

We've agreed that, barring unforeseen circumstances, we will homeschool each of our children for Kindergarten through 5th grade. I would LOVE to continue homeschooling after that as well, but DH feels that once the kids reach middle school age, they should be able to decide themselves if they want to continue homeschooling or go to public or private school (whichever is a better option for us at the time).

Which brings me to my question... Does anyone have any experience with sending their children back to school after using HOD? If our family decides to use HOD and at some point the kids attend "regular" school, will they be at grade level? Ahead of the other kids? Behind? I understand that every child is different and that they progress and learn at different rates; I'm not asking for specifics. I'm just wondering in general how HOD compares to the standard scope and sequence being used by most public schools.

I absolutely LOVE all that I have heard and read about HOD, but at the same time, if there is a chance we won't use it all the way through high school, I want to make sure my children will have a smooth transition into school and that the information covered by HOD will be enough for them to do well on any standardized testing they will have to complete.

I feel like I've rambled a bit, so I hope I've expressed my thoughts clearly. Thanks!
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Re: Going to school after using HOD

Post by Tansy » Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:50 am

I homeschooled and got stuck turned to Public schools for help, I thought I 'm sure I blogged about that. So I went and looked on my blog for a post for you. BUT 2009 is empty oh yeah I remember now... I never had time to blog I was too busy freaking out. You have to understand I'm not a morning person. Getting up at 6am is not my idea of a good time it's more like chinese water torture, and that is when I needed to get up to get her ready for carpool on time. While my one child was public schooled and the other was homeschooled I learned the professionals may not always have the answers. In reading: my child was a grade level behind in comprehension and 5 grades ahead in word reading ability. The school successfully managed to drop her comprehension one grade level in one year... yes you did read that right. Math she was way behind as well.

Discovering the schools don't actually keep kids that learn at lower pace's at grade level was an EYE OPENER for me.

If a child gets behind in public school they get Special Ed. The work gets tailored to their needs. My daughters standardized tests were reduced to as simple as possible, and read to her, she was given extra time to complete them and all the "legal" help available. She always managed to pass once they built it around her. But that meant I had to attend IPE meetings, lots of talking to the teachers. the homework oh man the home work!!! Incomplete work was sent home and required to be done so her grade level would come up. All her grades were "accommodated." Do you realize what that means, she was not at grade level but on the books and for the statistics she was considered to be because of the "accommodations", about 1/4 of her class was accommodated to some extent. How can you compare such data? How is that different from a HS mom saying her DS is 4th grade math and 6th grade english?

After about 2 years in public school I pulled her back to home schooling. Her day at school was spent half in the special ed room anyway and 30 minutes a day she had a personal helper. Then she would come home with pretty much all her school work and we would work on it for hours, this is after her extra school hour of tutoring, in which she would cry about how the math was explained in school and just wanted me to do it because I made sense. I had many many reasons for putting her in PS and as many pulling her back home. I found better help for her special needs that was tailored far better to her as a whole person outside of the PT,OT and Special Ed labels.

Oh and I haven't touched on the filthy language and eye opening content her peers shared with her her first 6 weeks in 3RD! grade. PS are not the schools of our youth, they are not as we remember them to be.

This is my comparison of HOD to a AAA++ charter school that in many ways was fantastic.
The scope of HOD is far better than PS. Here History is learned, in Public school it is a "story" added on to a list of vocabulary words. Here spelling words turn into dictation and a life skill. In public school they are lists to memorize for a week and then forget. Yes the dictation appears far easier than spelling words for the corresponding grade but I find dictation is far harder and builds a skill for life. The science has been labeled light occasionally, I tested it side by side with a McGraw textbook for the corresponding grade, after a year I realized HOD and the textbook had covered the exact same material with 2 exceptions. HOD lacks all the Green language of environmentalism science that is polluting science textbooks, it also teaches creationism. Math.. well I think my DD's quote (dd stands for dear daughter) Mom you explain it better, is true. My child came home with math she was unprepared for and the Math is actually designed to force the child to ask for help. I'm serious I think I did rant about it after the fact. Seriously it literally was lets not teach division yet, but while we're doing skip counting lets give the kids division problems in their home work. I understand the Idea of teaching kids to seek help but It only frustrated my child. Poetry and music were pretty non existent in PS, one week out of the year they covered poetry and once a week they had a "singing" music class. In the school they were taught values as part of morning assembly one a week but they were based on being "good" not born out of a love for a creator and Jesus on the throne and the bible was on a need to know basis. One of the teachers had lived in China for years as a ESL teacher but was not allowed to talk about his ministry unless his student asked. HOD builds a foundation of Love for our creator.

it was a really great school they helped me through a tough patch in our family but they also frustrated me to tears.

Now if I was to send my Youngest daughter to that school right now... she is in 4th grade, but in all but math she doing 5th grade work. She would probably be bumped a grade and given tutoring in math to keep her there. It's like Night and day in this house. :-) and don't forget those standardized tests actually are not all that "standard."
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Re: Going to school after using HOD

Post by chillin'inandover » Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:29 am

Have you joined a homeschool association in your community/ state? This is an excellent resource and opportunity to connect with like minded folks. We are in MÂCHÉ in Minnesota. This has provided support in so many ways. It has given us homeschool fever! As a couple we have attended conferences, giving us a vision greater than we imagined.

I graduated two but they took classes at ps. That is all we were willing to let go with our precious daughters. They took extra classes like orchestra, theater, graphic design, and choir. They saw enough to know it was far more fun at home on our worst days. Whenever I ask them about their hs they truly our thankful of the wonderful blessings and opportunities they had. The Lord is their life! Would not be the case in ps. My success story because of The Lord-my behind grade in ps, attended summer school, after school while attending ps k-2nd ,etc has graduated from 4 year Christian college Magna Cum Laude and is now Performing Arts Dept Head at private Christian academy at the age of 21 and 2 months.

I pray that we can continue to hs our youngest. I am thankful that The Lord has provided us the opportunity. I have grown just like my kiddos. I have learned so much and deepened my faith. It has allowed me to walk through dark days and sunshine. We are required to take standardized tests annually and the kiddos have always done quite well. My youngest has not needed to yet. I withdrew her from an IEP transitioning from preschool to kindergarten but she has Thrived at home.
We are enjoying our summer it will be hard to start school at home. My 2 youngest have had no desire to get on the yellow bus even though it stops in front of our house and 20 + kids get on. They wave to them in their pjs.
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Re: Going to school after using HOD

Post by my3sons » Mon Aug 12, 2013 9:23 am

Personally, I think HOD has higher standards than ps schools, but I may be biased as Carrie's sister. :wink: Carrie and I both come from a ps teaching background and received our masters degrees in education, so we spent years in classrooms, on textbook selection committees, and leading in-service training /college classes for other teachers centered around choosing, implementing, and evaluating curriculum according to state standards. :shock: (We don't miss this. :lol: ) Certainly, Carrie does write with academic standards in mind, and provided dc are doing all of the guides' work as planned, standards are met. :D However, we have both come to believe that keeping Christ at the center of all learning is the highest standard to be met, and that is reflected in each part of the plans as well. :D

A word of encouragement - your dh may come along! :D If it is God's will, he will come along. Mine did, and he is now a firm believer in homeschooling all the way through high school. These posts may be an encouragement, but honoring your dh in this decision when it is time to make it will be the best path to take...


HTH, and I am excited for you to begin homeschooling with HOD! :D We have for over a decade now, and it has been the most wonderful decision we've made to date. Looking forward to getting to know you here! :D

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Re: Going to school after using HOD

Post by DeannaF » Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:38 pm

Thank you so much for all of the responses. Reading the various posts was very encouraging. I am hoping that after a few years of homeschooling, DH will see the benefits of it and be more open to homeschooling all the way through, but either way, I will follow his leading in what he feels is best for our family. I am so excited about HOD. I have been researching various homeschool curricula for almost 2 years, and HOD is by far the one I like the most. I like that options are offered, the prices are reasonable, most items are reusable for other children, and that Christ is at the center of every subject. I don't even remember how I stumbled upon HOD, but I am SOOO glad God pointed me in this direction. Can't wait to start using it.

Thanks again for your input!

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Re: Going to school after using HOD

Post by 8arrows » Wed Aug 14, 2013 6:32 pm

Deanna, my husband also talked about putting them back in school. We started out in K, and it was one year at a time. I prayed. I don't remember when, but he just quit talking about it one day, and today he is an unabashed promoter of homeschooling. We have graduated our two oldest boys and have 6 more to go. None of them have ever gone to school.
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Re: Going to school after using HOD

Post by MelInKansas » Wed Aug 14, 2013 9:44 pm

And I would bet you too that even if your husband continues to feel that the children should have a choice at some point in the process, that they will not choose PS either. Or if they do they will come back home within a couple of weeks of entering it. For many reasons mentioned above. My SIL gave her kids a choice starting in high school and even though one of them really wanted to go for sports scholarships even, he stayed with HS. Now he is playing BBall at a Christian college and I think he is thankful for the opportunity to play with other believers.
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