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Question about using LHTH in a group setting

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 1:40 pm
by joesgirl152
A couple of my mom friends and I decided to start a preschool co-op with our children. We are all taking turns teaching and we have five kids. We have purchased LHTH and we are only doing school 2 mornings a week. I am wondering if anyone has ideas about how to combine the 5 lesson unit into two days. We are meeting for 2.5 hours so we will have time for more than one lesson. Has anyone done this before?

Thank you

Re: Question about using LHTH in a group setting

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:38 pm
by Kathleen
I don't think I've "met" you before, so first I want to say :D :D Welcome :D :D !

I think your plan would work. What fun for kids, and moms! Now I'm thinking off the top of my head, and haven't tried any of this. But I could see you doing Day 1 (about 30 min) and then free play for 20 min, then Day 2, then snack time, then part of Day 3. You'd have to just feel it out. It's really perfectly set up for little one's attention spans and works great at our house just doing a day at a time. You'll have to let us know what you try and how it goes. It really does sound like fun! Oh, I was also going to say, that I think I'd keep the Day together as Carrie put it so that they're moving about through the different activities. I think if you tried to do 3 days of Bible stories together, and then move to all the letter activities, you'd probably lose most of them. The activities for the day are also written to correlate to the day's Bible story. When you meet again for your 2nd day, you may want to repeat the story from Day 3 to finsh the activities before you move on the Day 4 & 5.

:D Kathleen

Re: Question about using LHTH in a group setting

Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 5:29 pm
by my3sons
Hi, and welcome to the HOD board! During our Coffee Break Bible study, 3 moms and I each took a turn teaching LHTH during for 1 1/2 hour sessions. It worked out great! Here's a general rundown of the schedule we used (much like Kathleen's ideas :D ...)
1. 20-30 minutes: free playtime (we set out a bunch of toys, puzzles, crayons and paper at tables, etc.) This worked out great because if some children came late, they weren't walking into the middle of an organized lesson.
2. 5 minutes: Bible reading from LHTH (we chose the longer Bible)
3. 10-15 minutes: Bible Activity from LHTH(we tried to give everyone a turn)
4. 10 minutes: Fingerplay from LHTH (did several times, we said a line and did actions, then they repeated our line and actions)
5. 10 minutes: Rotating box activity from LHTH, which was usually at the table or (this is the bottom left hand box - either math, art, active exploration, dramatic play, or devotional)
6. 5-10 minutes: Letter activity from LHTH (tried to give everyone a turn)
7. 5 minutes: Corresponding Music from LHTH (we marched around the room in a line, singing; usually did this twice)
8. 10 minutes: Snack Break at tables (moms took turns bringing either the drink or the snack so they were the same for all children)
9. Then, we did it all again with a new day of plans in LHTH.

We had a blast - though at one point I had about 15 children - which was crazy, but still pretty fun! :D :D :D HTH!

In Christ,
Julie :D