Received LITTLE HANDS TO HEAVEN - now how do I start?

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Received LITTLE HANDS TO HEAVEN - now how do I start?

Post by icul8rg8r » Tue May 20, 2008 12:00 pm

Hi - this may seem like a really lame question, but I'm completely new to homeschooling. I have two 4-year-olds (one really hyper little boy who just turned 4 and one very shy girl who is 6 months older but in maturity level is more like a year older than her brother). I just recently ordered/received the LITTLE HANDS TO HEAVEN 4-year-old package. But I have no idea how to actually officially begin! Do I have my kiddos sit at the table? On the floor? Do you start off with prayer? The pledge of allegiance? Do I just open the book and start reading? I haven't a clue on how to actually "do" school here at home! I'm very nervous and DH is convinced I'm going to crash-and-burn and not be able to teach (but he's letting me try anyway - hopefully I can prove him wrong!!!).

I sure would appreaciate any suggestions and tips and how your day typically goes....

CindyLou in WA

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Post by mom2boys030507 » Tue May 20, 2008 12:19 pm

Take a deep breath. You can do this.

Read through the first days lesson. I would start with the Bible story then do the Fingerplay. You do not need to say "Now we are going to do school." At 4 kids just love to learn and will soak up anything they can. Just move through the boxes in the order that makes sense for your day.

Remember You can do this.

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Post by Jessi » Tue May 20, 2008 12:39 pm

Since your son is more energetic you might want to break your day up and not do it all at once. If your daughter or son are wanting to do more "School" during the down times, there are a lot of excellent internet games for preschool that would be a great addition to LHTH. (WONDERFUL website that teaches letters and letter sounds with the help of songs, pictures, short sentences, and games.) (a great comprehensive math program. It says that it is for K and up but my 4 year old does it and loves it.)

I am sure there are more. Just remember- this is PRESCHOOL....not FORMAL school. Have fun. Spend lots of time outside exploring, go to museums, cuddle and read-read-read. :)

Starting your day off with prayer is always a great way to go. It wouldn't hurt to start teaching the pledge of allegiance but you can go slow with it. I have done an informal preschool with my daughter this past year and we would sit on the floor to read books or sing songs or play games. But the rest we did at the kitchen table. But that is the beauty of homeschool. Do what you and your kids find the most comfortable for learning.

And like Karen said, Just breathe. You are going to do a great job.
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Post by momof4 » Tue May 20, 2008 12:44 pm

We just finished LHTH yesterday. I felt just like you when we started in Aug. It took us a couple of weeks to get in the hang of it and then we just loved everything about it!!

Each day I'd pull out the book, scan for what supplies I needed, gather them up and then gather up the kids. You can do the boxes in any order, but we started with the Fingerplay so as to get the wiggles out. Then we did the Bible story and then the rest in whatever order we wanted. We did some at the table and some in the living room on the floor or the couch. Where ever you are most comfortable!

Have fun!!
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Post by Kathleen » Tue May 20, 2008 2:06 pm

Oh, CindyLou, you're going to have so much fun!! :D I started LHTH this past year, and am going to continue this year with my 4 yo (her birthday is this week!). I usually like to plan things out, and be organized...BUT this was our 1st year homeschooling more than preschool...AND I was using some very time-consuming things with my oldest. So, when we squeezed in LHTH, we loved it, and I used it as open-and-go. Carrie's programs are really, truly, open-and-go which I absolutely LOVE! :D

For LHTH, you're going to need to make copies of the letter flashcards in the back of the book. For each unit, you're also going to need a "Count on Me" page (in the appendix also), the Hide and Seek letter page, and the Number Page (these are in with the lessons). I copied several units-worth of these at a time because I didn't have a copier at home...and then stuck them in a folder.

We almost always read the Bible story first, "cozy" on the couch. Then, we got down on the floor and did the fingerplay together, followed by the Bible activities for the day...or the letter activity. I had her listen to the music while I grabbed any supplies we needed for the "writing part" for the day which we do at the kitchen table.

You can spread this out through the day, but in my case we did it all in one chunk of 20-30 minutes because that worked best.

:D Kathleen
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Post by chargemom2002 » Tue May 20, 2008 5:26 pm

We just did our first day of LHTH!!! It was so much fun.

We have never used this “box” style before so I just went down the left side of the page then the right side to see how it would flow for us. I thought it was a great balance of active and quiet listening (although at this age it all seems active).

First, I gathered what I needed, my teachers guide, our Bible, white crayons, white paper, black paint (thinned with water in plastic bowls), paintbrushes, and a copy of the “A” flash card. I called my 5ds and 4dd to join me in the school room (living room), however ds wasn’t interested so dd and I sat on the carpet and she said a little prayer for our first school day (I prompted this). Then I began the finger play. She caught on right away and ds heard us and joined in. What a great start to our day! We all laughed so hard while pretending to be the animals. Next, we curled up on the couch and read our Bible story. They both liked saying, “Let there be light” so we read it a couple of times. This flowed right into our art project, which we did at the kitchen table. Neither really got the white crayon on white paper thing at first but I told them there would be a surprise. My dd screeched with delight when she saw her picture “revealed” by the black paint. Back at the carpet we did the flash card. Then up to Moms closet, lights out, then “Let there be light” screamed by all and the lights came on. We talked about all the things God has made for us and said another prayer thanking Him. Listening to our Bible CD followed all this.

I had read so many time on this board how integrated the Bible is in the lessons and how easy this curriculum is to follow but I really never “got it” until today. Also everything was so straightforward and no one ever claimed to be bored.

Jump in! Go for it! Once you do it you will begin to gain confidence. If you hit a snag or things don’t go as planned it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. Take it as a lesson, learn from it, and then tweak what you’re doing a bit. My husband often tells me I am my own worst obstacle because I over-think things. So, from my experience I say, go with the flow and have fun!
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Post by crlacey » Wed May 21, 2008 5:15 am

Sounds like a great first day! I hope you have many more wonderful memories with your children while using LHTH!
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Post by MommyInTraining » Wed May 21, 2008 8:20 am

Hi CindyLou,

We are in WA also and just started LHTH. May I ask what area you are in? We are in the Puyallup/Bonney Lake area.

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Post by April » Wed May 21, 2008 8:59 am

Hi, I am in almost the same situation. I have two four year olds that are 5months apart. My daughter is the older one and will be five this summer and is at least a year ahead of my son maturity wise. I just started LHTH a few months ago. I initially started doing them together but have found that it's easier to do some of it separate. They get much more out of the bible story if I read it to them separate. I do the art projects and dramatic play together but have found that even the finger plays go better if I do them individually at first and then I can combine them at the end of the week. My kids love the lessons and even doing it separately it doesn't take that long to do.
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Post by my3sons » Wed May 21, 2008 6:54 pm

Hi CindyLou! Welcome to the HOD boards - and you definitely can DO this - and what's more, do it WELL! The HOD guides make this very easy to do, and I know that once you begin, you'll soon be in a great rhythm with it all. To start with, just read over the first day's plans, and get whatever supplies you need ready. Mark the day's plan with a sticky note, and you're set!

We did LHTH very much in the way that Kathleen described. Since everything is themed around the Bible story, we always started cozied up together on the couch reading that. Then, we got the "wiggles" out (as Laurie said so well :lol:) by doing the Fingerplay. We try to do this in a different room than the one we started in - movement of any kind at this age is good! Then, we'd do the rest of the boxes in any order I felt like for the day. I did try to end with the more creative, art-type things since they could keep doing it for as long as they wanted at the table, and I could move on to something else I had to do.

You are going to find LHTH to be such a blessing to your day! And to help that dear husband of yours be part of this wonderful thing called homeschooling, be sure to have your children share what they did with him at the supper table (or whenever). It's neat to "decorate" your fridge with the fruits of their work as well! My husband was reluctant to homeschool at first, but has really come around to it after all - so just give dh time, and lots of prayer!

And Terri, April, and Alissa -
Welcome to the boards too, and isn't it great fun to see those wiggly little ones learning about God's love for them in such a way that happens to teach them their ABC's, numbers, colors - and a whole other great bunch of things? These are precious memories with our little ones - enjoy!!!

In Christ,
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Post by icul8rg8r » Thu May 22, 2008 7:16 pm

Hi Terri - I'm in BONNEY LAKE, too! Well, officially rural Pierce County, almost right smack in the middle between Bonney Lake-Sumner-Orting. You're practically my neighbor! Feel free to email me if you'd like to chat some more - I'd love to pick your brain! (email:


Post by MommyInTraining » Thu May 22, 2008 10:18 pm

Oh wow!!

We are sooooo close!

I will email you :D !

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Post by Carrie » Sun May 25, 2008 7:17 pm


I'm so excited for you to do LHTH! :D We loved doing it with our boys and have wonderful memories from those days. I have one more little one coming up to do LHTH with too. :D

There's so many different ways to do LHTH that you really can't go wrong, so I'll just give you a peek into some ways we've done it at our house. :wink:

We often start by reading the Bible story first cuddled up on the couch. Then, we usually do whatever box is active, so we can get up and moving around the room. This is often followed up by the fingerplay.

Next, we often do the music. I read the words aloud to the song first, and then we march around while it plays. Last, we do whichever activity we can sit at the table to complete. This way while my little one is completing the table activities, I can help my other kiddos who might need me. :D

With a couple of my boys, we used carpet squares to mark out where I wanted my little guy to sit during our floor time. It helped to keep them from flipping all over while we were doing some of the activities. I told them they needed to stay on their carpet piece, and I also sat on one too! :wink:

Have a wonderful time doing LHTH! :D


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