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Common Questions Series: Question 6

Posted: Thu May 19, 2011 8:02 pm
by Carrie
This is one part to a series of questions that I am frequently asked. I've given an introduction to this series of questions linked here which is VERY important to read prior to reading the questions and answers. Link: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9344

I wrote these responses for inclusion in the "Reasons Behind HOD's Choices", which will hopefully be of help to families as they ponder using HOD in their homes. While I would deeply love to open each question up to discussion, I am in my busiest writing season right now, leaving me no time to respond further. So, at this point I decided to place the questions and answers on the board in an informational only capacity. :D

Question 6: How will we be learning as a family, if we do separate guides?

It’s important to note that family learning can occur whether or not you choose to combine your children for the “school part” of their day. :D This is because it isn’t necessary to learn the same material in order for family learning to occur. In fact, we have found that the diversity of what our children are studying is a catalyst to all sorts of learning going on all throughout our day, long after the “school” part of our day is done. Due to the way our guides are written, all children are learning the material that is within their guide, because it is age appropriate both in content and skill level. This allows all kiddos within a family to really contribute to a discussion or activity… and the younger child often shares something interesting and different from the older children, as children are often studying different material. :D

If you’ve ever taken a trip to a theme park, it’s likely that different family members wanted to do different things within the park and ended up with different experiences. Now imagine instead that from the time your family entered the park, all members rode exactly the same rides, ate exactly the same food, and had very similar experiences. I share this example to get you thinking that when using a curriculum where all members are doing the same things, hearing the same readings, and sharing the same experiences, how much need is there to share outside of the “school day” about “school”, when you’ve already done it all together? One thing we’ve discovered when doing separate programs with our kiddos is that the conversation when you gather together as a family is actually very lively, interesting, and rich, because those with whom you’re sharing don’t already know the same things you know. So, if you end up in different programs, do not despair, as the learning and sharing is still very rich and the family experience is too. :D

At our house, we are honestly together so much as a family that the only focused “alone time” my kiddos get is when I am teaching them from their separate guides. :D The rest of the day we are eating together, working together, playing together, having devotions together, going on outings together, baking together, being outside together, singing or sharing music together, talking together, cleaning together, doing household chores together, riding places together, attending church together, and the list goes on. :wink: We are almost always together! :D

My children look forward to their special time with me each day when they have me all to themselves for that moment in time. We guard that time and have had the most wonderful individual discussions about their faith and their character when we’re alone. We also have meaningful family time each and every day that is enriched by the variety of what our children are learning. Family learning happens in our house many hours every day, and our children cherish their time and activities together long after "school" is done! So, whether you combine your children in smaller age increments, or you choose to separate them, be encouraged that we strive to put the needs of your whole family first at HOD! :D :D