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Common Questions Series: Question 1

Posted: Thu May 19, 2011 7:42 pm
by Carrie

This is one part to a series of questions that I am frequently asked. I've given an introduction to this series of questions linked here which is VERY important to read prior to reading the questions and answers. Link: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9344

I wrote these responses for inclusion in the "Reasons Behind HOD's Choices", which will hopefully be of help to families as they ponder using HOD in their homes. While I would deeply love to open each question up to discussion, I am in my busiest writing season right now, leaving me no time to respond further. So, at this point I decided to place the questions and answers on the board in an informational only capacity. :D

Question 1: What are we considering, when you ask us which guide your family should use?

*If you’ve ever purchased any kind of clothing that is marked “one-size fits all”, you have likely discovered the reality that one-size truly does NOT fit all! I’m thinking of supposedly “one-size fits all” gloves, p.j.s, and workout pants that I’ve tried. :wink: Unfortunately, I found out that my “size” was not in the “one-size fits all” category! :oops: I share this example because many homeschool curriculums take the “one-size fits all approach”, offering the same advice and same path to everyone.

At HOD, we give you options to ponder of possible paths that could best meet your family needs, and these recommendations are always based on what you share with us about each of your individual children. One unique aspect of HOD is that we have written our guides so that you can choose whether to combine or not to combine your children for their learning. :D This flexibility allows you to choose what is best for your family, rather than providing a “one-size fits all path”. At HOD, we don’t dictate to you whether you need to combine your children or whether you need to separate them. Each family situation is unique and is looked at in an individual light. :D

Our guides also allow you the flexibility to move back and forth between combining or separating your children along the homeschool path, if needed, allowing for changes over the years in family dynamics and situations. Each year, you can reassess, to be sure of which path should be followed each step of the way, giving you a customized fit. :D