List of questions to help me decide about CTC

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List of questions to help me decide about CTC

Post by tbarr12 » Thu May 27, 2010 2:12 pm

I posted a couple days ago with questions about doing 2 levels at once. I am currently at a place of deciding between MFW and HOD. I've used MFW a lot in the past, so know what to expect with that. However, I would be totally new to HOD, so before I decide, I want to know exactly what I would be getting into.

I will have an 11 yo 5th grader, 9 yo 4th grader, and 6 yo 1st grader. I plan to use MFW 1st grade with her, because I already have it! For the oldest 2, we just finished a year-long survey of World History with SL, so I would do CTC. Here are my last few (I think!) questions about this program:

1. I have a spelling program which I won't give up, will also be doing my own writing, and most likely Latin. Does this sound like too much to add in?

2. My BIG question: I don't understand the Reading packages, vs. DITHOR. Are they separate from DITHOR? Or can I use them in conjunction with DITHOR, instead of buying other readers for that? Why do they Boy Interest and Girl Interest not go with the History being studied? Could I do the Option 1 History books with the kids together, then pick out my own books for them to do with DITHOR that go with the History we're studying?

3. What exactly is the purpose of DITHOR anyway? Is it necessary? Is it really good - i.e., would I be "missing out" if I didn't do it? Do you recommend it?

Any help with these things will get me a long way toward making my decision. it's a tough one! I'm interested in HOD because: EVERYTHING is planned out for me and mostly, to be honest, because of the Science. We've been doing Exploring Creation through Astronomy this year, and I'm FINALLY doing science, because it's so doable, along with the Notebooking Journal!!! I know I could add that to MFW, but I'm sick of rewriting curricula - I just want something that I like the way it is!!!

Sorry this is so long. We finished our school year today, and FINALLY I have time to think! Thanks for any help!

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Re: List of questions to help me decide about CTC

Post by Allison TX » Thu May 27, 2010 3:51 pm

Hi Tracey. :) This year my kids were in 5th, 4th, and 1st grades too. We used Little Hearts (had spread it out over two years) and CTC. I'll try to answer some of your questions. :)

1)You can always use your own LA choices. That's part of what makes HOD so great. Although, I will say, we have grown to love dictation for spelling. It has done wonders for both my boys as far as transfering spelling to their writing. Also, the length of time for the HOD LA choices is usually less over all than many other LA programs. I don't see any reason why you couldn't add Latin. HOD days are usually short, so that may be a good afternoon class if you want to add it.

2)For CTC, you choose either a history, boy, or girl set for read alouds. The history set is nice because it corresponds to what you are studying. The other options are good if you want to avoid some of the negative parts of the ancients, or have a sensitive child. DITHOR is scheduled in the LA box. Those books are books that the child reads and discusses with you, a literature study. You can choose girl or boys packs as well, or choose your own. They are listed under the DITHOR choices. You can always choose your own books for DITHOR if you want that to match up with history, just select a book from each genre, but the packs are so nice. I also like that not everything my kids read relates to their history. Sometimes it's nice to just read classic literature. :)

3)The purpose of DITHOR is to study good literature using biblical discernment and be exposed to a wide variety of genres. There's more to it, but that sort of sums it up. :) You don't have to use it, but that is the way literature is formally taught in HOD.

I think you will love CTC. We have enjoyed it, and are learning so much! :)

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Re: List of questions to help me decide about CTC

Post by DHT1999 » Thu May 27, 2010 7:41 pm

Hi, Tracey! Welcome to the board! I haven't used CtC yet. We will be doing that next year. I just wanted to say Hi and Welcome! I have used three and a half years of MFW. I think it is a wonderful curriculum. This is my first year using HOD. It is a much better fit for our family. I really love it.

We haven't started Latin yet. We are studying Biblical Greek now. I plan to start Latin sometime next year. I love HOD's LA choices. The LA is my favorite part about HOD. But, I have had to adapt things this year for my youngest son and he has used some other materials. My oldest has stuck right with HOD's LA. HOD is very flexible and you can use whatever you want. CtC does schedule a formal writing program but if you prefer something else, you can use that instead.

I just wanted to comment on that in particular as that was something I also wondered about when we first started. But, really, both of our HOD programs this year have gone very, very smoothly whether we were sticking right to their selections or adapting alittle bit.

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Re: List of questions to help me decide about CTC

Post by birchbark » Thu May 27, 2010 11:27 pm

I am using CTC next year and one of the things I love about it is that it is scheduled for four days a week, leaving the fifth open for other interests. We're going to be doing a root word program and it will be a cinch to add it in on Fridays and not feel overwhelmed.
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