WOW! I haven't seen so much excitement since

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susie in ms
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WOW! I haven't seen so much excitement since

Post by susie in ms » Thu Mar 06, 2008 9:37 pm

A World of Adventure came out years ago!!

I signed up for this board a few weeks ago then we all came down with the flu that was just terrible. The only posting I did at that time was only what was necessary. Then over the last few days I have been slowly getting back into the whole chat scene and HOD just keeps coming up on other boards!!! Which lead me back here!!

My dd is almost 3. I started doing LHTH with her several months ago, but she is scared of acting parts, and has little patience with the alphabet part. As far as the patience...that is just something that needs work on as she has always been that way. Sin nature I guess. The acting I have just basically let go of for now. So I have been going V-E-R-Y slowly with LHTH. We are on letter D. Hannah Grace loves, loves, LOVES the Bible reader!!!!!!!!!! She tells me, "Mama, read *Man*." She calls the Bible for Little Eyes "Man" cuz there are a lot of men in it. She request we read that book more than any!! She enjoys the songs too.

I am about to pick up the pace with her now that things (the flu and other life curve balls) have come back to normal in our house.

I have been reading sooo much excitement from you ladies using all different levels and I have to say that I really like what I see in the samples!! :D :D

Gotta go for now!

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