Spelling words in Beyond

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Spelling words in Beyond

Post by 1GirlTwinBoys » Fri Sep 11, 2009 6:30 am

What are some of the words used? We are not doing this program until next year but I'm just curious. :P
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Re: Spelling words in Beyond

Post by my3sons » Sat Sep 12, 2009 9:18 am

There are 2 spelling lists for each unit. List 1 is easier than List 2. The lists follow a spelling pattern, and also include several words that don't follow the pattern. Here are Unit 1's word lists:

List 1:
at, and, an, can, man, ran, ask, had, has, as

List 2:
am, bad, tan, hand, land, last, fast, glad, back, that

Here are Unit 15's word lists:

List 1:
her, ever, never, over, river, after, under, faster, here, were

List 2:
mother, other, letter, better, winter, sister, helper, summer, together, water

Here are Unit 30's word lists:

List 1: boy, toy, joy, coin, oil, boil, soil, join, going, enjoy

List 2: spoil, coil, joint, point, voice, boys, destroy, employ, noise, choice

Beyond has lists 1 and 2 to choose between. Bigger Hearts has list 2 and dictation level 1 to choose between. Other skills are learned besides just learning the spelling words. The plans direct dc to use the words in sentences, write them in sentences, etc., so these plans are an important part of the spelling as well. HTH!

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