Idea for timelines, notebooking or other

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Idea for timelines, notebooking or other

Post by Vicki » Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:38 am

Ladies, I had a great discovery this weekend while visiting the library at the local university. There is an elementary resource center there, with all kinds of goodies to look through. The thing that really caught my eye was the display of all the Ellison dies that were available, and the Ellison die cut machines, guillotine paper cutter, and nice tables to work at.

So the first thing that pops into my mind as I look at all the colorful shapes on display is that these would be great for a time line or for anything really. There was even a USA map that is cut in sections with each state removable as a "puzzle piece". By this time I'm just lovin' the ideas that are swirling around in my head for using all this great stuff!'s some of things I'm thinking about...I'll probably put these on a 5" X 7" index card if they fit well.

*Open book die --- Author of poem for the week (Longfellow, Rosetti, etc.)

*Music note or treble clef --- composer from the time period, or from our tea time listening

*Liberty bell --- Independence

*Scroll --- Constitution

*Lightning bolt --- Ben Franklin

*Light bulb --- Thomas Edison

*Heart --- Memory verse from the week

*Handprint --- some accomplishment from the week (finished a book, started to read, A+ handwriting, etc.)

I have a 2 -up photo album that holds 200 photos that has space for writing to the sides of the photo slips, and I'd like to use this to put my cards in for our units. I'm guessing I could use 5 cards for each unit, and still have room left. At the side I can write the unit #, etc. These are large dies, so I'm not sure they'll fit until I cut some and work with them. I may have to look for an album that holds 5 X 7 photos for the same size index cards (which I'll glue the die cuts onto) and add in our notes about the person, event, etc.

Hope some of this makes sense as I've described it, and it may not be something ya'll are interested in. I was just thrilled to find out about the access to these materials. I've heard of some school districts allowing homeschoolers to have access to their cutting/bulletin board supplies, but that's not the case here. So long story short, check out your local university and see if there is a children's resource center there. You might find a gold mine! :D

I wanted to edit also and add that some libraries carry these dies and die cutters. It might be worth asking around.
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