Growing in written narration!

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Growing in written narration!

Post by MichelleIndy » Fri Dec 13, 2019 7:58 am

My son has been slowly growing in written narrations over the last two years, first with Preparing Hearts and now with CTC. This year has been challenging for him because both in the writing book and the written narrations, he has been learning about what a paragraph is. He has to master this skill and we have been working slowly with intro sentence, supporting sentences, and concluding sentences. I felt like that was ingrained in me growing up and one thing I took away from high school was how to write a five paragraph paper, but watching my son struggle through the concept of a paragraph makes me realize that it truly is one step at a time. I wanted to thank HOD for the slow but steady progress and wanted to share his unit 14 paragraph about Assyria, which although needs help still, is a far cry from previous work!
Oops the file won't attach. I will write it here:
"Assyria is a very cruel country. It conquered a lot of countrys (sic). They torture all of their prisoners! However, they are great artists. Assyria is bad and cool at the same time!"

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Re: Growing in written narration!

Post by my3sons » Fri Dec 13, 2019 4:19 pm

Congratulations on the progress your son is making in his written narrations! You are so wise to continue to encourage and help him to do his best with his writing, both in written narrations and in writing within the rest of his school subjects. With all of the quick media communication we use today (i.e. texting, tweeting, etc.), writing well is becoming a lost art. I think the future looks brighter for our children who still endeavor to become good writers - they will certainly stand out from the pack when interviewing for jobs someday! It is always a good skill to have to be able to express your thoughts and opinions well within your own writing. We are celebrating your son's progress with you today!

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