Placement help for my upcoming 8th & 9th graders

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Placement help for my upcoming 8th & 9th graders

Post by DanaFL » Sat Mar 09, 2019 12:29 pm

Hello! I have used a couple different HOD programs; LHFHG & PHFHG. My girls have also been to public school. They're now home for good, and I had pulled them out halfway through the school year last year, and I just didn't have the funds to buy a full year program at that point. I ended up piecing things together, like Notgrass, Daily Grams, Jump In (writing), etc. It's been fine, but it doesn't feel very cohesive, and I wind up weekly having to type up a syllabus of sorts for them to follow. I miss the teacher's guide with HOD, and hope to come back to it. My question is mainly placement. My daughter, who will be a freshman, is more of an advanced student who loves to read and write. My other daughter, who will be an 8th grader, struggles more with reading, comprehension, writing. We've always done the same program for them both, but I would amp up the assignment for the older one, or lessen the requirement for the younger one, if it was above or below their capability. I simply cannot afford to buy two different programs for next year. Do any of you who have done the high school level programs have any advice? I don't want to short change my older daughter by not getting to do all four hs programs if I start with a lower level like MTMM, and then which program would I have her skip of hs? Or do you think the first hs program, WG, is one that I could have my younger daughter do at half-pace, and then the following year award the hs credit? Open to any and all suggestions (short of buying two full programs...just not in the budget.) Thank you all so much!

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Re: Placement help for my upcoming 8th & 9th graders

Post by manyblessings » Sun Mar 10, 2019 3:35 pm

Considering everything you said, it sounds like MTMM would be the best choice. Your child who will be a 9th grader can do the extensions to beef it up and make it suitable for high school while your child who will be in 8th grade would do the program as is, without extensions. This means your older child gets the latter half of American History up front, and would not do the last high school guide, just the first three for 10th, 11th, and 12th. Combining both children until your older one graduates, your younger child would simply use the high school guides as is for 9th through 12th and graduate 1 year later.
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