Principles of Mathematics

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Principles of Mathematics

Post by bradrebaustin » Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:59 pm

I am finding myself more and more confused as I read these boards. I thought the clear progression for math with HOD was singapore through 6a/6b. After Singapore we were to do Principles of mathematics 1 (prealgebra) and the next year do book 2 (algebra 1). Book 2 would be done in 8th grade. So, 9th grade should be geometry? Or should I be looking at Foresters instead? I thought Algebra 1 was a 9th grade credit which is what POM 2 -OR- Foresters is. Is that right? I see people skipping some POM books but I thought they were necessary steps. I just need clarification before we begin 8th grade. We did POM book 1 last year but it was extremely easy. I wish I had known if I should have skipped that. Where should I go from here? Thanks.

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Re: Principles of Mathematics

Post by StephanieU » Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:06 pm

POM 1 and 2 are both prealgebra. You can do them over one year each or one year combined (there are schedules for both options)
The choices for algebra are Foerster's and VideoText (and No Nonsense for those who struggle with math)
Then after Forester's Algebra 1 or VideoText Algebra (which is includes Algebra 2), you would do geometry.
The choices for geometry are Geometry: A Guided Inquiry and (VideoText would be another option HOD doesn't carry)
Then unless you have been doing VideoText, you would do Algebra 2 and PreCalculus (Foerster's is suggested).
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