plans for next year....special learning needs children

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plans for next year....special learning needs children

Post by rumkimom » Thu May 17, 2018 7:48 am

HI all,

I have been doing HOD with my daughter for 3 years now (grades 9-11). She has special learning needs (expressive-receptive language disorder and mildly autistic) and it took 2 years to complete Res to Ref (9-10th grades) and she is now 1/2 way though Rev to Rev (her reading/comprehension level is at about 7th-8th grade). She just completed geometry (which took up 2 hr per day) and is excited to be done with math. She is not college bound so she is done with math lessons 'forever'! We are now finally able to get one unit done in a week, so will hopefully complete Rev to Rev in Dec (I hope!) and move on to MTMM. I plan to get her certificate of equivalency and then we will be done with NY requirements....but we will continue to educate her for 1-2 years more. I hope to get though MTMM and WG with her (add in the art for WH and hopefully the finance as well as I think she needs it). She is her own pace! She still struggles with writing narrations, but is much better than when she started 3 years ago (when she could barely tell you who it was about).

My son (age 12, 6th grade), did Bigger for 4th grade and Preparing for 5th grade (we got 1/2 way through by spring 2017, so he was struggling with it). I took him out of HOD this past year as we needed to get in the NY State history requirement (needed before HS and he would not have gotten done with MTMM before that time). He also has special learning needs. He has discalculia (math disability....he has no number sense and can not memorize the facts for addition/subtraction....he has to figure them out each time. He is learning his multiplication facts easier than the addition ones) and is in 3rd grade math (CLE).... He is also in 3rd grade LA (CLE) and just completed 4th grade reading (CLE). I plan to keep in in these CLE programs as they are working for him. We are also supplementing math when needed (using books written by Ronit Bird, helps for kids with discalculia). I plan to put him in CTC this next year but will not be using the extension books as his reading level is at the right level for CTC. I know that the history reading will have to be read by me and he will struggle with narrations (both oral and written). Not sure if he will be able to do the writing portion of the curriculum, but I do have the book....we might continue with IEW or do what is in CLE.

On a side note.....

My oldest is graduating from community college on May 19, 2018 (with honors!) and might be taking a year off to work before continuing her education (plans to go to FIT for technical design). She did HOD for 2 years (LHFHG and Bigger way back when Preparing was the newest book!!), but because I wanted to educated my girls together and her sister could not do it, I switched.... I have always been sorry I did that!

My youngest (age 10, grade 3) did LHFHG and part of Beyond. Mid year (Feb 2017) we decided to put him in public school. Best decision for both him and my other kids. It was just too hard to educate 3 special leaning needs children and he demanded constant attention! (he was adopted at age 6.5, and came home Aug 2015). We plan to keep him in public school. He is in the basic skills classes for both math and Language (both due to his learning English at age 6.5). We are very happy that being in basic skills math keeps him out of common core math (as it is very language based)!
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Re: plans for next year....special learning needs children

Post by Carrie » Tue May 22, 2018 11:40 am


What an interesting update on your kiddos! You are one very busy mama! Blessings to you as you move forward with your children's education. It sounds like you are working hard to do what is best for each of your children. I am glad that you are getting a chance to make HOD work for your family! :D

Thanks so much for sharing! :D


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