Newbie w/ a couple of questions

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Newbie w/ a couple of questions

Post by mismom » Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:57 am

Hi, I'm brand new here and really looking forward to starting HOD next year. It seems like a perfect fit for my fam.
I've read a lot on this board and it's been very helpful. I'm thankful for all the wisdom here.

We sort of school year round, (we take December off, and May and June off) so I"m prepping for a July start.
I'm looking at doing MtMM with my 8th grade son, CtC with my 5th grade son, and Preparing with my 3rd grade daughter.
(So, 3rd grader will be 8 turning 9. I consulted the placement guide, and it's a good fit for her. She's reading middle grade chapter books, has had grammar instruction, loves to write stories, etc. For example for science this past year, she's been reading a selection from various books and then doing a notebook page.)
I don't think I want to combine the 3rd and 5th. My first thought is that I'd like them to have their own thing.

--I'm wondering what the rest of the years look like for placement if I do Preparing for 3rd. (Wouldn't I end up a year short before starting high school?)
--Any tips about running 3 guides? My kids are used to doing a lot of thier subjects mostly independently.
-- Would using Dithor really complicate things? I haven't seen that guide in person yet.

I'd appreciate any advice or tidbits!! Thank You Thank You Thank You in advance :D

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Re: Newbie w/ a couple of questions

Post by Carrie » Wed Apr 25, 2018 5:10 pm


We're glad to have you here! It sounds like you have your kiddos well-placed. I wouldn't worry about finishing a guide early with your third grader right now. Life happens and having some wiggle room is a huge blessing! :D

As far as running 3 guides goes, the 3 guides you are considering running are easier to run at the same time than the lower guides which take more of you teaching-wise. There is a long scheduling thread at the top of the board, which I will link here too:

This may be of help to you as you look at scheduling! :D

As far as DITHR goes, I would recommend waiting to begin DITHR until you have hit your stride with the 3 new guides you are starting. Once you feel comfortable with your days, begin adding DITHR with the child who seems most ready for it. :D This will help you get used to DITHR. Then, you can add the others into DITHR.


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