Getting excited for next year

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Getting excited for next year

Post by Nealewill » Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:22 am

I don't know about you all but I am really starting to excited over next year's schedule. I know that many people order their curriculum for next year in advance (me included :D .) I have already ordered everything in, sat down, and wrote my daily schedule for next year :shock: . Yes....I've gone a little cra cra!!!!!! But we will be done with this school year on May 9th and I'm trying to determine when to start next year's school schedule. I'm just so excited that we only have 6 weeks left. And I think what makes thinking about next year so fun is that this weekend I went through the kids binders (we put everything in a 2" binder each year) and we were doing some organizing of their papers.....and I was just reviewing all they learned. It was a lot! And they each loved their year. Now I am excited to see what next year brings.

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Re: Getting excited for next year

Post by Carrie » Wed Apr 25, 2018 4:18 pm

It is so exciting to see what the next year will bring, isn't it! I love this time of year as we are winding down too. :D It always amazes me to see what has been accomplished.

Our fourth little guy just started RTR. He's always been a bit off schedule, due to my last year's of writing. He will get about a month in before we take our summer break. We took a deep breath as he began, and we spread the first day over two days. But, now three days in... he is really adjusting and doing a day in a day.

When he opened the new guide on the first day, he said, "Hey, this looks just like Creation to Christ!" So, at least the look of the guide felt familiar. :D


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