Written Narration the CM Way

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Written Narration the CM Way

Post by mrsrandolph » Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:20 am

In watching some youtube narrations, I came to a question. In our house, some time passes between a reading a actually writing a narration. Often my kids refer back to their readings. I understand that Charlotte Mason stressed the importance of their being only a SINGLE reading. Does the written and/or oral narration need to follow the reading immediately? Can they refer back to the book?
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Re: Written Narration the CM Way

Post by Carrie » Wed Apr 25, 2018 4:12 pm


You asked some great questions! When kiddos are younger, it is advisable to have the oral/written narration immediately follow the reading. This helps them remember what they have read better. As kiddos get older, there can definitely be time between the reading and the narrating. In fact, Charlotte Mason advised spreading out the reading from the narrating more the older the kiddos get. :D

Due to the amount of names and dates in many of our readings, and the length of the readings, looking back at the reading while writing a written narration is helpful and advisable. Referring back to the reading helps so much with spelling and accuracy too! Looking back at a reading reference-style wise is different than doing a second reading. Even though kiddos are referring back, it is still a single reading they are narrating from. :D


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