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First Week of LHFHG

Posted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:27 pm
by Lydiboog
We just completed the first week of LHFHG! My daughter turned 5 the end of April, so a little on the young side. I was so impressed at how easy and thorough it was. I easily added a few "extras", just because:) We used a large floor map to do the continent poem each day, made a picture of the sun and made a picture of the earth going around the sun. Today instead of masking tape numbers on the floor I wrote the numbers 3 times each for her to "trace" using paint and qtips. I have loved the math lessons! I am using an older edition manual and was thankful to find the old Winnie Tan Earlybird books on Amazon! I also really like the Do It Carefully book and Handwriting K. This is just the perfect amount of work for her each day. After adding phonics and even the extras we are still done within 1-2 hours each day! (2 hours were the days she wanted to add 4-5 "crafts") I was concerned that the Burgess books would be a little much for her since they basically have no pictures. She seems to enjoy listening even if much of it is a bit over her head. However, I emphasize certain parts and kind of "guide" her through the questions. I'm sure by the end of the year she will "get" much more of it.
We are using CLP Adventures in Phonics A (only first 1/2 ) with a magnetic board and letter tiles. Other than that, it is totally HOD!

I used LHFHG with my older son for 1st and 2nd (it was a bit too much for him in 1st so we split everything except math and reading). It was the best 2 years for him. I wish I had not given up on the Bigger books and just kept going.... the history books were hard for him. In hindsight, I should have let him draw or build with legos while I was reading. He is now in 10th grade and I still have his timeline and several poems he drew pictures for. I have homeschooled for 17 years and have tried a lot of curriculum. HOD is complete and thorough. I looked at a lot of things for Kindergarten to use with my daughter and I kept coming back to HOD. So glad I did!