Dual Enrollment Vs. HOD all the way?

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Re: Dual Enrollment Vs. HOD all the way?

Post by Nealewill » Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:33 pm

StephanieU wrote:One thing that has come to mind as this discussion has progressed is that we all come to homeschool for different reasons. Our reasons for homeschooling probably are reflected in our decisions about dual enrollment. So I think it might be wise to spend some time deciding why you homeschool. Then use that information to decide if dual enrollment fits.
You said this perfectly! We all do homeschool for different reasons. And I think there are so many homeschool moms who forget that when they are chatting among themselves and giving their advice. Please do not misunderstand - I'm in no way saying that anyone here was negative but more sharing that I have friends who freely give their opinions with no regard for other people's thoughts or choices. And as you mentioned this, it will do me some good to gently remind others as they approach me in my own homeschool community about my homeschooling decisions of this as well. Thank you so much for saying it.

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Re: Dual Enrollment Vs. HOD all the way?

Post by faroutback » Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:49 am

Thank you all for sharing your hearts and insight. This is so valuable as we begin our high school journey. I have had all these same questions bouncing around in my head as well. Thank you for helping me focus in and remember what is still important in these last years.

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