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Literature for High Schooler using Rev2Rev?

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 4:31 pm
by Rice
Hi all, my 15yo is using R2R with Extensions and Rev2Rev's writing and science, with at-level LA (grammar/DITHOR) and math this year for 9th. Next year for 10th he will use Rev2Rev with Extensions and MTMM's writing, with WH Science/Health, and at-level math and grammar, but I'm unsure of what to use for his Literature component.

Should I:
a) continue using DITHOR (he's using 5 genres of the 6/7/8 workbook this year), finshing the rest of the genres, and maybe doubling up on one (to make 5 genres again for 10th grade), using harder books than HOD has listed for 7/8?

b) use WG's BJU Literature set?

c) something else I haven't thought of?

Carrie and Julie, I emailed you about this son last year and we decided on this year's current plan and a plan for his entire High School science, but Literature is one thing we didn't mention beyond Grade 9's use of DITHOR. His reading level is certainly high enough to handle 10th grade literature (it's organization/time management that has kept him in lower guides, not comprehension). Although sometimes a bit busy, using multiple guides for different level subjects has worked well for him. (If you'd like me to email again, with last year's discussion/plan attached, I can do that, too, if having more detail about him would be helpful.)

Any thoughts/suggestions would be most welcome.

Re: Literature for High Schooler using Rev2Rev?

Posted: Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:06 pm
by Rice
I am disappointed to have had no replies in over 3 weeks!

I went ahead and ordered the BJU literature for my son to complete this year, and hope it will be a good fit. He's had a couple of the books read to him (pre-HOD) but hasn't read them independently and some are new as well, so I hope it's a good mix for him.

Re: Literature for High Schooler using Rev2Rev?

Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2017 7:53 am
by Gwenny
I"m sorry you didn't get replies either! It's been fairly quiet lately. I have no clue about the literature ideas. I'm glad to see others using the middle school guides for their high schoolers also. My daughter will be 15 next year and I'm having her do Rev to Rev with her 13 yo brother. I haven't totally checked it out to see if I will change anything up for her except for reading the extension books.

Re: Literature for High Schooler using Rev2Rev?

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 4:47 pm
by Rice
Gwenny wrote:My daughter will be 15 next year and I'm having her do Rev to Rev with her 13 yo brother. I haven't totally checked it out to see if I will change anything up for her except for reading the extension books.
Hi Gwenny,
It was convenient for us to have him do the writing from a guide above his core guide because when we came to HOD he had to move down a guide, but having already started the one above with a brother we kept him in the higher LA (writing/grammar). We kind of fell into it. But most of the writing programs (that I've seen so far) that HOD schedules can be adjusted to expect more of an older student anyway. He's not as far as recommended for HOD grammar, but higher than the book scheduled in the guide he's using. ;) As for reading, he did DITHOR, Level 6/7/8 this year (for 9th) and will move on to the BJU, I guess, when he starts the next guide in April.

As for science, we did the same thing (staying in the higher guide when he moved down one), however, since he'd already done one of the scheduled Apololgia books, the second year we skipped that and did part of MTMM while he was in CTC. Now we've looked ahead at the High School sciences and determined which he needs (which is not all of them, here) for graduation. Then I contacted Carrie who helped me decide on a plan for getting those in the best way at his level. (One example is whether to do MTMM's Chemistry, beefed up in High School, or to do the Chemistry scheduled in the High School guide. We haven't decided on that one yet, since he doesn't have any Algebra yet, just finishing Pre-Al this spring. That's why he'll do WH's Bio and Health this year, first.)

I believe LA and Science are the important ones to take a look at (see what you need for grad, how many years you have, and pick which guides to use, accordingly).
You can also look ahead at some electives like Economics and Civics to see if you want her to complete any of those as well. I, personally, haven't looked at them yet (especially since none are required courses here) but may do for his Grade 11 and 12 years. (We'll have 3 guides he'll never complete, so lots of electives to choose from! ;) )


Re: Literature for High Schooler using Rev2Rev?

Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 6:45 am
by Gwenny
Thanks for those suggestions--I will definitely look at those. I hadn't thought about the electives--but I will now. :)

Re: Literature for High Schooler using Rev2Rev?

Posted: Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:30 am
by Carrie

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I have been knee-deep in the catalog (as I know my sister has as well). Along with the US2 installments weekly, we were full up!! :wink: We are now seeing a bit of daylight here, and so I can answer some posts.

As far as literature goes, it would be fine to do the literature from the World Geography guide. In the event that doing all of BJU Lit and the accompanying novels feels a bit heavy for your son, one option you could consider is to split the World Geography Guide literature doing only the novels from World Geogrpahy along with DITHR Student Book 6/7/8 this year and then doing the BJU lit the following year (when your son uses the World Geography guide for his writing along with MTMM). So, this will give you a back up plan to consider. :D

If you can look ahead and plan for your son to do the literture from the World History guide as written for either his junior or senior year that would be good. Also, if your son is required to do American Literature for any future college entrance, then you would do that his senior year. If the American Literature is a necessity, then you would likely do the World Geography guide's lit this year without splitting it in order to get to the American Literature in the US1 guide before graduation. In that case, if you get into this year and feel the literature with both BJU and the novels is too heavy, you could do just the BJU Lit without the novels and then move onto the World History literature the following year.

So, these are all options that would work! :D


Re: Literature for High Schooler using Rev2Rev?

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:48 am
by Rice
Thanks so much, Carrie!

American Literature is not needed for us, since we're Canadian! :D This year (10th) he merely needs "ELA". For 11th and 12th he needs: One of the following: ELA: Comprehensive Focus, ELA: Literary Focus, OR ELA: Transactional Focus. This seems to give us lots of leeway in our LA focus over the coming years. ;)

I think we'll try the BJU plus novels, as reading is not a weakness for him. I just noticed in another thread that you said Storytime is optional for High School credit, so, especially since he heard me read some of the Rev2Rev books to his younger brother this year (we spent a few months with a bit more family-focus), I may lessen some of his load by letting him skip some of those (or at the least, read them aloud still - a favourite part of our day, and I'll be reading them to his sister who is doing the same guide, with an improving but still below-grade reading level).

Although he'll be using multiple guides (I will try to use sticky notes and typed schedules, rather than hauling multiple guides around), I think this will work well for him this year. I'm so glad my other kids can use the guides as-written! :) This coming year we'll have a newborn (due this Saturday), a pre-schooler, one ready to start phonics (K/1?), two finishing LHFHG and Bigger in late fall, the two in RTR and one in MTMM, so I'm not sure how it will all work out, but I know that with HOD, it will. :D